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I’ve been blogging for over 3 years now and I love how tight of a community it is. Along my way I have met so many lovely people, all with individually amazing personalities and their own stories to tell. I’ve partnered up with Curvissa to share the love with 3 of my favourite bloggers.

The following bloggers I have met in completely different situations yet we are such a strong group together and have remained great friends. I admire them for their success and respect their hard work.
Each of them are beautiful in their own unique way…

charlotte hole blogger

Charlotte Hole

I first met Charlotte at a Christmas party with clothing brand, Motel Rocks. Laura (The Fashion Wonderland) and I were queuing up to use the photo booth, trying on multi coloured wigs with Charlotte queuing behind us. We got chatting and really hit it off, ending up with multiple photobooth snaps all together.
I love Charlotte’s style because it is a perfect reflection of her personality; laid back and casual with a hell of a lot of fun! The girl could wear an average pair of jeans but jazz it up with a vintage sequin top and make them her own. She’s so confident in herself and her body that everything she wears, she owns and looks fabulous!

street style laura rogan

Laura Rogan

Laura and I have been besties for nearly 4 years. We met in our second year of university whilst interning in London for the same company. We both blogged and decided to help each other out by taking photos together! Outside of blogging we are so close. Last year, Laura moved to Manchester for her career but we still keep in touch, talking at least 3 times a week in the phone and despite the new distance between us we make it work.
I admire Laura’s style for being the opposite of my own style! – I can imagine her laughing at this comment! Laura has the wardrobe of every girl’s dreams… Anything from pink fur coats to silver glitter trousers to pastel co ord looks. It is an emporium of fun fashion! She owns the most shoes I think I’ve ever known someone to have and she loves every pair. On top of this, she is a great writer and her posts always make for an interesting read.

sophie hannah richardson blogger

Sophie Hannah Richardson

Sophie was a connection that I made through Laura. She was working for Flossy Shoes at the time, in charge of their social media. I was in London with Laura accompanying her to a shoot in Southbank with Flossy. When I then returned for my own shoot with Sophie and Flossy Shoes, I found out that she was also a blogger and attended a lot of the events that I did. We go together as a group now and have been friends for around 3 years.
Sophie’s style is so outlandishly fun that it’s hard not to love it! She has gained a tremendous amount of success from her colourful, sparkly fashion choices and I’m so proud of all that she’s achieved. It’s been exciting to watch her journey.
Who would you choose as your favourite bloggers?
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