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Possibly one of the most exciting moments of my life today… The day I got the chance to meet Grumpy Cat. I waited so patiently for the day to come with such anticipation upon receiving my invite from Primark HQ. You should’ve seen how I reacted to his entrance, I may as well have been meeting the queen (all of you who are cat-lovers will understand this reaction – Grumpy Cat is like cat royalty). I was shaking with excitement and my stomach was a flutter with butterflies…


Firstly… Why was Grumpy Cat in Primark HQ? Well my friends, you can now purchase Grumpy Cat’s homeware and pyjama collection in Primark stores. Grumpy Cat herself was there to promote the new items and demonstrate them to us, taking a nap on the bed set up.

grumpy cat home primary

For those of you who are unaware of who Grumpy Cat is, here’s a brief description. She found her fame after her Instagram account gained a mass following. Her naturally sad face and diagnosed dwarfism made her imagery perfect for memes such as ‘I hate Mondays’.

primark hq blogger

Primark HQ was fab! Before Grumpy Cat made her grand entrance I took myself on a little tour, looking at all their beautifully placed products.

grumpy cat mask primark event

Guess what I’ll be wearing at my next masquerade event…

annabel dowsing grumpy cat primark

Grumpy Cat didn’t seem quite as happy to meet me as I was to meet her…

freakshake grumpy cat

Molly Bakes made the most fantastic ‘Freakshakes’ for the event, my first time trying one! It was delicious! I went for Caramel, complete with whipped cream toasted marshmallow and a bespoke Grumpy Cat biscuit on the top.

primark hq grumpy cat

primark hq home decor

primark hq summer home

I was so in love with all the products that decorated the Primark HQ shelves.

annabel dowsing blogger

grumpy cat freak milkshake

To read more about Primark meeting Grumpy Cat, check out their feature online HERE.

Annabel x

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