PR companies & Brands

My blog aesthetic is incredibly important to me and I will happily do reviews and outfit posts based upon own my personal style. I will always post links to the brand pages or items I have featured to provide easy access for my readers. I have worked with established brands such as Reiss,, New Look, Primark, Urban Outfitters, Flossy Shoes, Motel Rocks and more. I also attend press days and events, which I then write up and review on here.

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All writing, photography, artwork and experiences are my own unless otherwise stated. I will credit if I use another person’s work or used help. I also display the brands that I use as well as links to the items or similar items shown.

My viewers/followers/readers can be assured that I am 100% genuine with any reviews.

If any items on my blog were gifted by a brand, I will mark it as ‘c/o’ (courtesy of).