Black Leather Jacket – Topshop

Polo Neck Crop – H&M (dress that I cut up)

Black Culottes – Topshop

Vintage Belt – Levi’s

Silver Loafer Style Trainers – Swear X Richard Nicoll


As a fashion student myself I thought I would list some home truths that fellow fashion design students will understand and future fashion students need to learn…

1. You WILL design a collection for a project and see it on the catwalk the following/future Fashion Week! This isn’t them ‘stealing your idea’, it means that you are inspired by something that is a current trend.

2.Vogue is no longer your go to magazine! More edgy and alternative magazines like POP, GARAGE and HUNGER are now your new style bibles.

3. Do NOT trust any form of technology just before a deadline… EVERYTHING will break! Particularly sewing machine needles so by a years supply per project!

4. Your designs/illustrations will be too plain/overdone/abstract/lifelike/childlike every project.

5. You will constantly fight the battle of Adobe Creative Suite trials if you can’t afford to buy it. Using different emails/putting the date back on your laptop do not work!

6. You will end up owning EVERY shade of Promarker and WILL notice if one mysteriously goes missing or gets stolen.

7. You can never own too many pairs of fabric/paper scissors (there is a difference between the two!)… They could get stolen/blunt/rusty/loose or, as my housemate got told in first year ‘cut backwards’.

8. A patternmaster is your new best friend! For those who don’t know what this is, it is a giant ruler with various useful curves and edges that help to draw block patterns that create clothes.

9. You will learn that your home/domestic sewing machine is just not good enough and instead you must use industrial machines that are impossibly fast with the most complicated system of threading up.

10. Time goes by at the speed of light during a project and all of a sudden its 4am the morning of your hand in! This is an issue I still have despite the fact I’m now in my 3rd year… You’ll never learn!

Annabel x

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