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Below: Featured in Missguided.com’s ‘LFW diary‘…

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Below: Feature on ASOS Fashion Finder’s ‘What’s She Wearing?‘…

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Below: Web feature by Style Honey

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Below: Christmas Photoshoot with Flossy Shoes.

xmas shoot 6

xmas shoot 7

xmas shoot 13

xmas shoot 11

xmas shoot 17

xmas shoot 15

Below: Photoshoot for Shopcade and Fashion Union.


onset - Version 2

onset - Version 3

Below: My feature on Primark.com styling their black duster jacket.

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Below: Photoshoot with Flossy Shoes, published on social media by their UK and Spain accounts.

Adorned in Mono 6

Adorned in Mono 2

Adorned in Mono 1

Adorned in Mono 4

Adorned in Mono 7